Thursday 23 April 2015

Said Goodbye To My Wallet For Two Weeks

So there I was, staring at my laptop screen at the end of the day yesterday, when I had that realization. I had: deposited my paycheque, filled up with fuel, and paid the bills online that I had planned to. I then did a quick calculation to ensure that I would have enough money left in the account not only to pay the online automatic payments, but also would have a smidgen left over. 

When the number I came up with matched the expected ending balance in my account, I realized that I would not see or touch my main wallet for the next two weeks. I had my fully-funded groceries wallet and my fully-funded utilities wallet, so I could get what I needed. 

Yet, otherwise I would not touch that main wallet unless it was to spend the twenty bucks I had set aside for personal spends. I have decided to keep putting twenty bucks into my main wallet each payday. Any paper money I have left over from the last payday’s twenty bucks will go into the “Contingency Wallet” to wait with my Canadian Tire Money for use in case of last resort.

I also did a preliminary budget for the next payday and found that for the most part I will be okay, I will pay my bills. There is a catch, however, as due to the fact that Wanda’s insurance is due the middle of next month, I will not be able to pay off Card #1. 

That leaves me with a dilemma. Should I pay off Card #1 with some money from the end of May,( taking it from the expected large paydown on Card #3)? Or perhaps I should shove Card #1’s payoff until the beginning of June? 

While my impulse is to pay off Card #1 right away, I know that I must pay that at least one thousand on Card #3 at the end of May. I can still put as much as I can spare on Card #1 and with a little luck pay it off too, yet that Card #3 must remain on schedule for its paydown. 

I also have to be realistic, there is Wanda’s repairs coming up in the early June, and that will have to be paid for. Since I have to be prepared for the eventuality that all I will get from the guy that hit me is excuses, that repair will go on Card #1. Thus paying it off now and right away would be pointless.

Since I am out of the overdraft and intend to stay there, I can and will make more realistic budgets from here on out. I know that I will not trickle save my way up to leaving more than one hundred in the account. Nor will I put money aside in savings, as there are cards to kill off and every spare dollar will help in that. 

I will still make sure to get out of town, to a campsite on each long weekend, though, and perhaps steal away a bit in between. When things loosen up a bit, financially, I will fund a camping fund, so I can get out of town on a more regular basis, when the mood strikes. 

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