Tuesday 14 April 2015

Out of Water

Okay, I am not technically right out of water, I have some in a jug in my fridge, some in the kettle and some in the bottom of my blue jug, but I am out of water in Wanda’s fresh water tank. This happened sooner than I had expected, but in truth, it is about on schedule.

I know now that I need to find a reliable source of water and fast. I also know that until my dumping station turns their water on (the May Long Weekend) that I will have to seriously conserve water during my own drought.

So that means that no more showering, that eats up water fast, I also know that I will have to conserve water where I can. Already this morning I brewed less of a full pot of coffee, just to conserve.

I did go out in search of water and went to a local franchise of a coffee shop chain. I bought my coffee and sat and sipped it for a bit. Then I went into a bathroom that was indeed private and filled up my water bottles. Well, that was the plan but in the end I didn’t quite fill up one as I felt sick and disgusted with myself for doing this.

I know that it is water and I was only doing what I have been doing at work for the last few months, but it felt like I was reaching into the till and taking money from them. It just felt wrong. I then went to a small branch of a public library with the intention of filling my water bottles there. I figured that since this was a public building, it would be easier on me; I couldn’t even attempt it, I left.

I read on the city of Calgary website that fire stations sell water. I will call the local one up and see if that is the case and if it is not stupidly expensive. Even without this, I have enough water to last until Friday.

It goes without saying that I will be going camping at McLean Creek this weekend and filling my water up there: Fresh Water Tank, Water Bottles and Blue Jug. That is, if Mclean Creek actually has its water turned on. (If not, I won’t bother staying).

If I am careful I should then make it until the May Long Weekend. I should be okay, but again, more conserving, more cutting back is in my future. If I do find a park with a fountain or other public water source then I will try to fill my bottles there. I still know that I will feel guilty, but I will try regardless. I will keep my promise of not taking water from work or any other business again.

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