Thursday 2 April 2015

Departure Day!

Woo Hoo! Today, or this evening rather, I head up to Cochrane and the campsite I have reserved. This weekend I will have not only that measure of civilization that is a working power outlet but water and sewer as well. 

I will be happy to de-winterize Wanda so that I can actually use all of her systems. It has been long few months since November 10th, of last year when I lost my indoor plumbing: almost 5 months.  So you can understand why I am a little eager to have it back. 

I will ensure I have a successful plan to protect my plumbing (water pump particularly) before I de-winterize. I won’t do that tonight, but more than likely I will de-winterize tomorrow; or at worst on Saturday.

I have a few last minute items to pick up this evening, before I head on out to my campsite . . . in search of indoor plumbing! All I have to do is get through work, you know, that thing we do for money.

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