Tuesday 28 April 2015

Wanting for Wandering

I had this whole blog planned out, I was going to do one on my strategy for a fictitious “Crowd-Funding Campaign,” but decided against it. For one, I have talked about this before, and two, it would just sound like whining. As I have said before, I got myself into this mess, and I will get myself out of it.

As I was thinking about this and why I really desired the sudden influx of cash, the real reason came to me: Freedom. For me, to have all of my debts paid off (credit cards, truck and trailer) and have some cash in the bank would mean freedom. 

The freedom to not only wander about but try out a few of the things that I would like to do, yet haven’t been able to, due to the need to constantly feed my nonstop debts and obligations. I have run the numbers and without paying any debts, I could live on five hundred a month, maybe a bit more with fuel for road trips.

Once I am at a place where I have a (mobile) place to live with no debts and a small nest egg, I can go anywhere, and do anything.  I invite you to pause and imagine yourself in a similar situation . . . just think about the possibilities.

Once again, I have talked about this before, and I only mention it because it is a reoccurring theme with me, the desire to finally be able to try my hand at a few of my crazy ideas. Though, that may be four to five years out, if I stay in this trailer year round. It may be a long shot, but I will get there, sooner or later.  

It is this thought, this dream which keeps me going. I still have my good days and bad days, my up days and my down days, but I stick it out and persevere. There is still the chance that a book will sell or a lottery ticket may actually win something more than a free play.  Time rolls forward and before I know it, I will be finally ready to hit the road and do what I want.  I will likely be fifty by the time that happens, but it will happen.  

Again, for no reason, here are a few sunrise shots.

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