Tuesday 31 March 2015

Chill Coming, Yet Still Going Camping

Okay, this week is going slow, as I eagerly anticipate this weekend. This long weekend, I am heading out to the campground so I can de-winterize Wanda. That and do some spring cleaning.

I am going out anyways yet I am still humming and hawing about if I should de-winterize Wanda. The weather over the next while looks like it will dip below zero overnight.

So in one sense, logically I should wait and not de-winterize now. Yet it shouldn’t dip down too low and not for too long. In a week or so it should be warmer. If it were something I could do on my own, by the side of the road, I might wait. I need the facilities at a campground with full hookups to do this properly.

Since I have already paid and am going, it is either do it now or make a special trip out in a few weeks, or even (gasp) wait until the May Long Weekend.

I think I can de-winterize now and muddle through a few chilly nights. The risk is not to me, I will be warm and fine, the risk is freezing pipes or more specifically the freezing of my water pump.

One idea is to run a bit of water every few hours overnight. Another is to keep the furnace running overnight. A third is to put a hot water bottle right on the water pump. I know where it is, as usually it is inside and near the sink.

With a few of these tricks I should be able to de-winterize now so I can actually use my indoor plumbing (as in: toilet, sink and shower). I will take it as it comes, but for now the plan is to go ahead and de-winterize now.

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