Wednesday 15 April 2015

Interim Water Solution Found

I have found an honourable source of water, so I will be okay, it is this . . . 

What I remembered is that some grocery stores have those machines that sell filtered water. Now I don’t care if it is super fancy filtered water, just plain tap water will be fine with me. This is how they sell it, however, so this is what I will buy. 

This thing, in case you can’t tell, is one of those 5 gallon jugs of water that you can refill at the store again and again. This will fill my blue jug and that can last me a week, so this is a not too expensive solution to my problem and will tide me over. 

This jug cost me $15.00 to buy, but the first fill was “free,” or so they said. The refill is about $4.00 so that in itself is not that bad. When you contrast that with my typical dumping fee is $3.00 and for that I can not only dump my Greywater and Blackwater tanks but also fill up my fresh water tank and any jug I want, this current solution is expensive . . . but I will survive (and it could have cost more). 

This means that I don’t have to go to McLean Creek this weekend, as I don’t need the water from them. I am leaning towards going anyways, so I can finish sorting through my stuff and getting rid of what I don’t need to carry around anymore.  As well, it would be nice to find a spot for my bike, so I can bring it with me and I can go for a ride whenever I want. 

I am staying above zero and out of the overdraft but I am doing it by cheating. The money that I am spending, I am spending on Card #1. This is because I have no savings; I have no contingency fund to draw from. (Yes boys and girls, having a contingency fund is a good idea.) Since I refuse to go back into overdraft, this is what I am dong. I see now that it is important to set aside some money so you can draw on it when you need to, to augment your budget. 

This of course has always been a luxury for me as I have always had all of my money spent for me, with countless bills and debts demanding attention and payment. Once Card #1 is dead I will start to set aside some money to have a modest contingency fund for myself. 

Again, the overall and long term goal is to have at least $1000.00 in my main account at all times. Then in my savings or “Contingency Fund” I plan to have three months’ salary (for me $6000.00) in it. 

Then after that I will build up a long term, high interest savings account, (Possibly a “TFSA” (Tax Free Savings Account) as my long term savings. 

All the while I will be paying down my truck and trailer in larger payments with a target to getting them done in 3 – 4 years.

First and foremost I must get these cards done and dead. 

On the weekend Facebook irked me yet also spurned me forward. In one of their “Look at this moment from the past” things they showed me a shot of the set for my “Test Pilot” show almost ready for shooting. That shoot was five years ago this month and was the start of my financial troubles. That shoot wasn’t the star, but seriously hastened my financial downfall.  

I can and will get through this and stay motivated to do so. I will admit that that staying positive and motivated is a daily struggle. One positive thing of note is that now, at least I have the necessities of living. This will enable me to continue onward and upwards, always forward, never backwards. 

The one thing to remember if you are thinking of starting a large project like this is that you don’t have to have all of the answers right away, at the outset. It is nice, but not necessary. All you need to do is solve the problems as they present themselves; solve each problem, one by one over the long course of the endeavour.

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