Wednesday 8 April 2015

I Giggled Like Homer Simpson

Really, honestly I did, after I flipped the switch last evening and heard that wonderful, deep-buzzing sound swiftly dropping off to nothing . . . my water pump survived. (Then I did dance The Dance of Joy.) 

We had warmer than expected weather yesterday and I noticed that all of the ice had melted, even what was in that sewer connection pipe.  My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to try out that water pump, to learn my fate . . . thankfully I will not have to replace that water pump. 

So yes, as I realized that I have running water in my trailer I giggled like Homer Simpson (or like a giddy schoolgirl if you don’t get the reference). When I washed my hands after filling up the generator and truck with fuel . . . I giggled.  As I had my shower this morning . . . I giggled. Each time I used any amount of running water . . . I giggled.

I got lucky, that is for sure. I know now that I should have waited until this weekend at least or perhaps yet another week before de-winterizing. I may still pay the price for that decision. It may still get frozen up and be damaged, but it is a gamble that I am left to play.

I would still like to go see the water pump and put some insulation around it and perhaps some heat tape, to help next winter. I will keep an eye on the weather and any night that will drop below zero I will keep the heat on, just in case. 

Yesterday was payday so I did my usual errands and ended up in my western home. I spent most of my grocery budget on yet another large stew creation which I will use as filler for my tacos. I knew from last time that I needed to buy a stock pot so I could make it, properly. (My mom taught me to cook big and freeze dinners. When I get cooking I toss in whatever makes sense at the time, so in review this is what is in this thing.

6 Pounds of lean ground beef
1 Kg Bag of hash browns
1 Kg Bag of mixed vegetables
3 Cans of refried beans
2 Boxes of Kraft Dinner (to thicken and why not)
10 pouches of taco seasoning

As best I can guess I got two months’ worth of food out this batch. I will still need to buy the taco shells and shredded cheese but my dinners are taken care of. Sure I need to buy my oatmeal for breakfast and my stuff for lunch but otherwise I’m good. This will lower my grocery budget for the next while.

I guestimate that each of those bags on the table will last 4 – 5 days. I will freeze all of them and use them to keep filling that plastic container that I will keep in the fridge. 

For me eating these tacos works because I can have a little bite of food now and again, rather than a sit down meal. As long as I keep putting a variety of stuff into this filler, I will be fine. I may buy another head of lettuce and shred it up to add some extra greens. 

I am not sure if lettuce freezes well (doubtful), otherwise I would shred it up and freeze small amounts of it . . . knowing me I may try that anyways, after all what do I have to lose. The lettuce goes brown before I finish it all anyways.

Getting back to payday and what that means, I will pay the last of the bills I need to pay tonight. I will also ensure that I have enough in the account to stay out of the overdraft between now and the next payday. This would get that goal done and let me focus entirely on Card #1 this month (next payday).

If that is the case then next month I will pay off Card #1 in the early payday of next month. If I can somehow manage that, then I can focus on that last dastardly card . . . Card #3. 

In truth I have been paying on it since the death of Card #2 and yes all along. It is now at around $5800.00, down from $7500.00 when all this started. So all in all, some progress has been made on it.

As with all plans, the further you go into the future, the vaguer they become. Life, little details and unforeseen eventualities comes along to mess up your well laid plans. Then of course there is the largest unknown factor when dealing with your plans . . . will you play along and stick to them? 

For me though, for now, I am on the right path and things are doing well. The weather is a bit warmer and I have running water, a luxury that I do cherish and not take for granted. 

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