Wednesday 29 April 2015

Focusing Change

We are used to the quick pace of things; everything seems to happen so fast. We expect the same when it comes to change. We want to see changes in our life happen as one quick montage sequence, where in five minutes we have completely changed our lives . . . it doesn’t happen like that.

Change, real change, happens slowly, little by little, over time. I can say with some authority that to change your life you need to make consistent, small steps and stick with it. Day by day, do things differently, or rather keep doing something that you want to do; keep making the change that you want to make. 

Move towards something, not away from something. Keep yourself focussed on where you want to go, who you want to be. Don’t focus on where you don’t want to go, or who you don’t want to be. For if you do, you will find yourself heading towards that dubious goal. 

Where your focus is, is the direction that you will move your life in.  Focus on the bad things and you will seek out bad things. Focus on nothing and your life will stagnate. Focus on positive changes and you will achieve those positive changes. Okay, enough philosophical yammering.

I have been able to sort out the storyline problems I was having with Book Two over the past few weeks. This means that I can move the story forward into new territory. I have straightened out the storyline so far and fattened up chapters that needed it, with what I hope are interesting titbits. 

This is a good and an important milestone for me, as it means I can get back to writing new chapters, as this story has detoured slightly into new territory. Only time will tell if it is in a good direction. Let’s hope that my life and my writing is as on fire as the sky was this morning . . . Wow!

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