Monday 27 April 2015

Gained a Water Pump, Lost a Library

On the weekend I filled up my water jug when I went grocery shopping. While this was not supposed to be a large grocery buy, it turned out to be one. Oh well, I have plenty of food and extra cash for water and the essential consumables (Bread, Water, etc).

I pour the water from the large “Water cooler style jug” into my blue “camping style jug” as in, the cube one with a tap on it. I do this for “easy access” to the water, but when the water jug is full, this is a pain. Why? Because this means lugging that full five gallon jug in and out of the bathtub for even the smallest amount of water, as in washing my hands.

I then remembered seeing a hand pump for these bottles and decided to go looking. While I found a hand pump, it wasn’t the one I was thinking of, but it will do fine, in fact better than what I had planned. 

This one fits on the top of the “Water cooler style jug,” the one that I buy the water in (as in refill each time for $3.00). With this thing snuggly secured on top of the bottle, I can get water out of here with a few pumps of the top. 

How it works is like those coffee carafes which you pump to get the coffee out of. You pump air into the sealed container, which raises the pressure inside it and forces the water out of the spout.

This way I can get even a little bit of water whenever I want, yet don’t have to lift that jug. This is important as this will be my solution not only now but also when winter comes around again.

I went to my usual library on Saturday and Sunday with no problems from anyone. I was quiet, I didn’t disturb anyone, nor did anyone disturb me. As is usual, I moved from the library to my western home, so as to not stay overnight in this shopping centre parking lot. They seem to get a bit antsy about that, so I respect their wishes. 

When I got back to my truck on Sunday evening, however, I found the “security supervisor’s” business card tucked into not only Wanda’s door but Treabilla’s door as well. This means that whoever this was from the shopping centre security really wanted to talk to me (I tore up and threw away their cards). 

I am learning that I don’t react well to heavy-handed authority figures asserting their authority or butting into my life. I know that in truth I have no way of knowing exactly what this person wanted, but I doubt it was to give me a pile of cash or a reward of some kind. 

Then there is the niggling thing that I really don’t feel like explaining myself or giving out personal information just to access a public space. So, I will not return unless I can find a nice place to park near the library, yet not on the shopping centre grounds. There are other libraries and other places to study, but I do like this library in particular as it has lots of natural light and wonderful architecture. 

People in this world are just not used to seeing a truck with an RV showing up again and again. Nor is our society geared towards The Urban Nomads amongst us. That is okay, as always, I will adapt and continue forward, and yes do things my way (Cue Frank). 

PS. 10000 views . . . who knew? (yay).

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