Friday 24 April 2015

Just Stuff it on a Card

I have a lot to do today, and most of it after work. I do like to do my errands after work on Friday as it is an early day for me. I have to: pick up my mail, do my laundry (should have done it last week, but went camping instead), and do some grocery shopping.  

I used to do my laundry once a week, but then I figured out that if I waited an extra week, it would cost me the same amount of money (Two Loads). 

I have more than enough clothes, and, as it turns out, enough clothes to last me three weeks. Yet this will be costly as I will have to wash my sheets too, so I say 3 maybe 4 loads.

I still have plenty of food, as that last batch of taco meat stuff is still in the freezer, being brought out one frozen Ziploc bag at a time. I have a few odds and ends of food to pick up, though. 

I will be working on book two this weekend, as I need to make some headway on it. I seem to be stalled a bit, but I will push through and finish it, (just not this weekend). I will muddle through, if for no other reason than to see where the story goes, as I want to see how it unfolds, myself.

I am going to bring my bike back to the truck so I can go biking and also find a spot to keep it. I hope to have enough space, as I would like to use it, without too much fuss each time.

I will admit to looking at laptops and new phones online and pondering. I have the space on cards to buy said new toys, yet I am resisting. What I have now works and does what I need. I need to resist these urges for the new toys and stick to my guns of getting this debt paid down. Then I can save up for said toys as I go, later. 

I am looking forward to truly having full control and discretion over my income once again. As it is now, most of what I earn is controlled and dictated by others. I keep thinking back to this, each time one of these impulses come over me to buy this or that and “just stuff it on a card.” 

If I know me, I will still check out an electronics store to see what “can’t miss deals” there are on phones, just in case I can lower my monthly phone bill with a new phone.

The sunrise was spectacular this morning,

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