Tuesday 10 February 2015

Not a Complete Fatzoid!

The one thing I did this weekend that I didn’t mention was that I bought new pants. Not only because my old pair were looking a bit dishevelled, but also because they didn’t fit quite right, in fact they were a bit loose.

Now, as most of you know, with jeans over time they will relax and loosen up. I thought that this was what had happened so I didn’t think too much of it. I went into my usual megastore that sells everything and picked out a couple of pairs of pants to try on. One was the size that I usually wear and one a size smaller.

Low and behold the pants one size smaller fit. I mean they didn’t “Delusionally Fit” either, I mean they really fit. It wasn’t that I put the pants on, held my breath in and said, “I may not be able to bend over or sit down but since I did the button and zipper up, they fit.” They were, and are, comfortable.

This is something for me as these new pants are a 32 waist and a few years back, the largest pants that I have worn was a size 38. The smallest I have worn is a size 30, but looking back I looked way too thin. I like to be at a size 32 and it is nice to be here again. I do hope to do more biking in the warmer weather this year.

I haven’t been working out but I am active at work, I can only guess that since I am eating less at home, this has helped. Whatever it is, it is nice to be down to a reasonable size. Sure I could work out and get fit, you know tighten up some muscles and so on, but I am okay for now.

The reading of the Book Two is going well, but there is a lot of work to be done, specifically with adding scenes and fattening up chapters. Such is the fun of writing, the good thing is that most of the book is already there, it just needs to be enhanced and drawn out more.

The adding of scenes allows me as the writer to show you, the reader, some of the delightful sights at the “sides of the road” as it were. The “road” is the plot and main thrust of the story, the “sides of the road” are interesting things to show you in the world that I create, that may not be essential to the plot.

I can always tell when a writer has no idea of the world that they are writing in as they refuse to show you the sides of the road. The truth is that they can’t show you the sides of the road because they have no idea what is there. They just want to show you the plot and the story they want to tell. They fear that if they show you the sides of the road, that you determine a gigantic plot hole.

This is why I always say that if you are creating a world, create and define it first. How can you create characters from a world that you don’t know anything about? You first need to understand a culture before you can understand what the people from that culture would be like. Then and only then can you pic out and define interesting oddballs from that culture and focus on them.

As far as me living in my RV is concerned, things are going well. For the most part my little system of surviving and thriving in an RV in winter has been working. There are always things to improve and ways to make things better and nicer. For the most part I have things down to a science.

I am always looking to spend less and feel guilty every time I pull the wallet out of the lockbox/firesafe. On an interesting side note is that if all of my bills were paid off, I could live on or less than $500.00 a month.

As in:
·         Food (num-nums)
·         Gas (for truck and generator)
·         Propane (For cooking, heating trailer and hot water)
·         Dumping fees (which includes fresh water)

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