Wednesday 11 February 2015

Book Two, Story Shaping

Okay, so I finished the read through of what I already have for Book Two. So far, so good and the basic storyline is there. The is still something missing and sure I could “Michael Bay” it up a bit with an alien invasion or explosions, but that is not what I am talking about.

What I am talking about is an opposing storyline or two, a few different perspectives on the same situation. The trick is to know what perspectives to choose and how many storylines are too many. Part of the fun of writing is seeing how these story elements pan out and emerge in the great soup that is storytelling and novel writing.  

I am still staying not far from work and not spending anything (save that tank of propane on Monday). I have the food that I need and I am just coasting through, hoping to make it to payday and not spend more than I absolutely need to. Part of what helps is that I keep my wallet locked away in my firesafe and only pull it out to spend. This way I must pause to ask myself if I really need this spend.

The constantly miserly ways does take discipline and I always fear that I am spending more than I need to. This being below zero in my account does not sit well with me, but for now it is unavoidable. My credit cards are all the high interest ones so it is pointless to move the overdraft balance onto one of them. 

I am still surviving though, and each day is a day towards my goal of debt freedom. This thought, and my writing, sustains me through the cold.

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