Friday 27 February 2015

Yearning for Yardspace

I have found myself looking online at the various real estate listing sites, and dreaming a bit. I have been looking to see if I can find a small piece of land for sale. I’m looking for that illusive parcel of land not far from work at a very reasonable price. 

You know, something I could save up not too long for and buy outright within a year. Then I could park Wanda on there and start to homestead on it as I work towards slowly improving it. All without a mortgage, perhaps a smaller short term loan but nothing as long-term as a mortgage.

I have found cheaper plots, but they are about an hour’s drive from work. This is possible, but not desirable, I have done this kind of commute before. 

This looking runs in conflict with my dream of starting a film studio and town out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The concept is to build a studio and town surrounded by beauty so that not only is everything you need to shoot any project there in one place, but why not do it surrounded by beauty? Where would you rather shoot, in downtown of a bustling city, or in a small town surrounded by forest and mountains with paths and trails weaving throughout?  

It is that desire to have a small corner of the world that actually is my own which keeps coming back to me. As freeing and inexpensive as this lifestyle is, I still would like a place to put down roots, and yes that someone to put down roots with.

First things first, get out of debt, then start to save as I pay off Wanda and Trea. Land optional; woman essential. 

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