Tuesday 17 February 2015

Escape to Mclean Creek

In the end I did get out of town for the long weekend. While I couldn’t book anything online, I was able to get a spot at one of my favourite campsites. Mclean Creek is a provincial campsite not far from Calgary and because it was “winter camping” the cost was lower and “self-registration” was in force. 

“Self-registration” is where you just go to the campground, find a campsite you like. Then you, either put cash in a little envelope, or write your credit card info on the envelope. Either way you also write your registration information on that envelope and drop in into a little slot in a special “mailbox.” If you decide not to pay or your information is incorrect, the park ranger will come and find you to rectify the situation. 

Since I get off early on Fridays, I was able to find a spot with full power (as in 120Vac / 30Amps). I got setup and even put the awning out. 

It did snow, but that didn’t deter me from using both my BBQ and the fire pit.

I relaxed, rested, cleaned and did some minor repairs around Wanda, and went for a few walks, all for much less than I expected. Because I tow my home around with me, I didn’t need to go home on Monday afternoon, so I got 4 nights out there.

However, I was the one of the only people out there in the middle of the bush. It wasn’t until I was driving out this morning that I saw that someone else was there. If anything had happened I would have been in trouble, as the park has no cell service. 

For me that meant no cell or internet for the whole weekend (thus why I didn't blog), and that turned out to be a good thing. I did find that when I wanted to look this up or check on that, however,I couldn’t. Oh well, it was still a nice and needed break. 

Sure we got snow, but it was nothing, barely a centimetre, if that, nothing like my friends out east (I feel for you). 

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