Monday 9 February 2015

Book One Off to be Reviewed!

I was able to get that “last” pass of Book One done and then sent it off to a colleague to be read, reviewed, and then edited. It is a big weight off of my shoulders to have this stage of this book done. There is more to be done but it is in the editing and tweaking phase. I don’t feel like reworking the story or making wholesale changes. I just want to move on with the next book.

I had planned to take a bit of time off from Tanea and possibly do a bit of website work, and I did, sorta.  I did watch some how-to videos on Sunday and got started on website stuff. I even installed a webserver on my laptop so I could do some website practice without paying for webspace.

This morning, however, I went back to Tanea and started on Book Two. Why? Because I was curious how this book would end and how the story would turn out, that’s why. Remember kids to always write a book or screenplay that you want to read or see. Personally I can’t wait for the filmed in IMAX (possibly 3D too) version of the film . . . particularly the chase sequence. (Hmm. . . Steadicam or drone-cam follow shot?)

As far as Book Two, is concerned I already have sixteen chapters of the twenty-five needed for this book. Sure a few need to be fattened up and one is needed to be added in there, but most of the book is there. It should not take all that long to get this book “done.”

With regards to little old me in my trailer, the weather was warmer this weekend, for a bit, like a few hours on Saturday, and then it went below zero again. Ah well, this too shall pass and spring will finally come. At least it is not -30C, -10C -20C I can handle easily . . . not like it mind you, but I can at least handle it.

I got paid on Saturday, so I poked my head above zero, paid my bills, and then dove back down into the overdraft. I am on schedule though, and that is the key thing to remember. I do hate being in the overdraft but this is what I have done to myself so I must live with it. I refuse to pause my paydown a month just to haul my butt above zero. To me, that would be cheating and would push my payoff date back a month.

I am considering turning this blog into a website (with a blog) devoted to people into or thinking about doing what I have done (i.e., live in an RV to pay down bills or just for fun). Feedback would be appreciated on this, (as in if this is a good idea and/or what you would expect to see on the site).

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