Wednesday 4 February 2015

Friendly Visit (and an SSD)

Last night a friend of mine was in town for a workshop and decided to look me up. It was a very pleasant surprise and a much brighter diversion to my usual evening’s festivities (relaxing and surfing the net).

We chatted in my cold trailer for a few hours that seemed like minutes (she never complained or mentioned the cold). Truth be told I don’t know how long we actually visited for as time stood still as we chatted, but it usually does. She has such a relaxing way about her that you just feel comfortable and welcome (at least me). 

Along the way I got a few pointers on what I should be doing and not doing. She informed me that while hunkering down to pay down bills I should also be building myself up.  I should be getting ready to emerge from my self-imposed cocoon a better person, ready for a real relationship. Don’t you hate it when friends are right?

Yesterday morning I was getting frustrated yet again about the race between my percolator and my computer. Each morning I start them both at the same time and sometimes the percolator finishes brewing the coffee before the computer has booted up and stabilized. 

I looked around at work and found a great deal and special on a 512 GB SSD drive . . . so yeah I bought it. 

This will:
Lower my stress level
Increase my battery life
Speed up the computer
Improve my productivity

I am now installing the operating system and files again. The old laptop hard drive is in a small enclosure so I can plug it into a USB port and access all of its files that way. I know this is a bit of a slow process but it will be worth it. 

I am reading my book on my small netbook PC, and will continue that as I get my main laptop installed and updated. This is perhaps one purchase I didn’t need to make but I use my laptop every day, to me this is a necessary tool. 

I am still on track for the July paydown, and that is all that matters, so sue me if I get a small toy. In my defense I was looking at new, and very, laptops online, so I consider this a pre-emptive strike. (no, I’m not trying to convince myself, why do you ask?)

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