Wednesday 25 February 2015

Silly Credit Card Companies

Last night I decided to call up the credit card company for Card #2 and see if I could change it for a lower interest rate card. Apparently this was crazy silliness. 

I told them that I only wanted one card and I wanted that card to be a low interest rate card. I figured that since I have had this card for at least five years that they would treat me like an existing customer. I figured that they would use the information they have on file and take into account that the (now paid off) card would be gone. 

Apparently I need to apply like I am a new customer and if I get the new card, then I can kill off the existing card. That and they wanted the swat team address until the account is set up. Again, the fact that I have and account and am an existing customer is irrelevant and crazy silliness. 

I didn’t bother to apply for the card and don’t know if I will bother with this company. Perhaps my bank (and Card #1) may treat me better, I may ask in a few months, after Card #3 is paid off. For now the higher rate will serve as a reminder not to use this thing . . . at all.

I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to my writing, I am not sure what to do for this one chapter, of just how to proceed. Often times I will pause and take a day or two off. If that doesn’t work then I will edit . . . . edit, edit, edit.

What I do is simply read (editing as I go) the chapters I already have and just see how the story flows. That usually gives me an idea as to what should happen next. That is what I am going to start doing tomorrow. 

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