Friday 20 February 2015

Doing Better Than Expected . . . Sorta

I have been dutifully paying my third card $500.00 out of the first paycheque out the month (7th). Then of course I am paying my second card $1000.00 out of my second paycheque of the month (22nd). So far so good.

While I may want to pause for a bit in order to leave more money in my main account, I am eager to get these cards done. This month, for whatever reason, I accidentally paid an extra payment on that second card instead of the third card. 

Due to that screw-up, two things happened: 

1. I pissed off a card which already doesn’t like me and has long since been deactivated.
2. That balance of that second card is now less than one paycheque’s worth away from being gone . . . done . . . paid off.

So I could drop most of this upcoming paycheck on that second card and get it done. Needless to say this has my brain working and churning. Why not live even cheaper for the next two weeks and just pay that second card off a month early? 

That way it will be done, and I can make that typical $500.00 payment next month on the third card. That $1000.00 at the end of next month can be used to pay off the first card and then left in the account. I will still be on track to start my large paydown on the third card. 

I could and should make some payment on the third card. As it is I have already missed that payment date, so the impact to my credit has already happened. I could really use a victory right now and this would be a nice boost.

I am still deep in overdraft but not so much so that I can’t continue to live make the one Wanda payment that lies between now and the paycheck after this one. As crazy as it sounds, I will most likely pay off the second card on Sunday. 

I estimate that I am somewhere near the two thirds mark of this paydown schedule. So while that second card is done, I am still deep in overdraft and have a little under $500.00 on that first card I am doing okay . . . sorta. 

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