Tuesday 3 February 2015

My Phone is a Wus

Okay, so I had a nice evening despite the cold weather. I again bundled up and got used to the indoor temp of 10C. 

When I went to bed my phone seemed to have enough juice to last it through the night. This is important because I use my phone as my alarm clock. Typically I will turn the phone data and the WiFi off and it is fine. 

I put the phone on the pillow beside me so that it is not on the edge of the trailer, closer to an outside wall. That way it doesn’t get too cold, as that has been a problem in the past. 

I woke up and looked around, wondering what time it was.  I do this from time to time so I reached over and pushed the button on my phone, to make the screen light up. The phone didn’t do anything, so I pushed the button again. I then pushed the other button, the one to turn it on . . . that worked.  Last night, my phone apparently decided to go to sleep. 

I ended up oversleeping by an hour and a half. Thankfully I get up early enough that this doesn’t affect my work, but it was a pain. Sure enough the phone was complaining about power but not enough that it should have turned off, it still had 15%.

I grumbled, got up and went about my morning routine. I plugged the phone into the mini battery pack I have so I can charge the phone without AC power.  The phone squawked, saying that the battery was too cold to charge. I then shoved the phone down my shirt and let it rest against my skin to warm it up, before I could charge it.

It looks as though I may have to put the phone inside the sleeping bag with me on the cold nights . . . who knew I would be snuggling up to my phone. I like it and all, but not that much. 

I have even considered getting an old school, wind-up alarm clock. You know one of the classic brass ones with two bells and everything. If I am going old school, it would have to be one with style.

As far as editing went, I got only two chapters read. I will read at least a chapter tonight so as to catch up. I want to stay on schedule and not fall behind.  

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