Friday 6 February 2015

Catching Up, Looking Ahead

I did do some reading yesterday and also this morning, I am almost caught up to where I should be. I do want to get this read through done so that the book project can move forward. 

I am also looking ahead to the weather coming and am pleased to see that it is not that cold, yet only time will tell if this moderate forecast stays true. As long as it stays above -20C I am okay, above zero is golden for me. 

I am also looking ahead to April and planning to de-winterize my trailer, something I am looking forward to. I also have an inkling of an idea to plan a trip down to Waterton Lakes National Park for the May long Weekend.  I am not sure if I will actually do that, but if I am I should reserve soon. (Anyone want to come along?)

It is this looking ahead which is keeping me going and keeping me positive, which is a struggle for me. In warmer weather it is easier, when things are cold and dark, it is harder to keep positive. I will be okay though, I am a survivor after all.

The laptop reinstall is going well and that will be a large portion of what I will be doing on the weekend, as I try to read the novel at the same time. This should prove interesting as I plan to have both the laptop install and the book done by the end of the weekend.

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