Friday 13 February 2015

Warm Evening, Happy Night

OOO, we had a heat wave last night and when I got home, the temperature inside Wanda was a balmy 10C. I was able to splurge and turn the temp up to a nice and hot 20C! Ooo, such luxury.  I had a lovely, casual evening and this weekend it looks to be warm as well, even overnight it didn’t get below freezing. 

I was thinking of going out of town for the long weekend, but no sites were available, I guess that was to be expected. I will stay in town and continue my work on Book Two and do something relaxing for Monday, as I won’t have the library to go to, they close on all stat holidays (so no free: power, heat and internet).  I need to lengthen my list of places with a free and available power outlet for me to work at.

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