Wednesday 18 February 2015

Living Cheaply and Spreading the Word

First of all one thing I forgot to mention about the long weekend was that I was able to save a great deal while being out there. I was able to use just my electric heater to heat Wanda and even then I was able to splurge and have Wanda up to and maintained at a temp of +25C all weekend long! I even broke out my shorts for lounging around inside Wanda (having a self-induced heat wave). 

(Just to refresh your memory, this is my electric heater)

Being able to use my electric heater was important because that meant that I didn’t run my furnace all weekend long (which saved on propane). While at a campsite you are charged a flat fee for being there and not charged for electricity usage. I recommend using an electric heater anytime you are at a campsite and plugged into electricity. 

Since I was plugged in it also mean that I didn’t need to run Jenny, I didn’t even run Jenny last night. That means that I have saved the fuel for not running Jenny for 5 nights or 10 hours of fuel. Not bad.

It was also nice to use the little features that I have not used for a while, such as the porch lights and my interior lights. With always being on battery, you are constantly conscious of your electricity usage and always looking to conserve (all of your consumables). When you are plugged in, you can splurge a bit.

Last night I talked to a friend of mine who is going through financial hardships and is a bit under the weather due to stress. I talked to him and advised him to do what I was doing: live in an RV for a short bit to get ahead. He is considering it but unsure if now is the time for him to do it. I told him that my only regret was that I didn’t do this sooner (and perhaps bought a used trailer instead of Wanda).

Don’t get me wrong, I like Wanda but I now know that I could have toughed it out in an old trailer that I could have picked up for two grand and not cared if it fell apart after one season. As it is, Wanda will last for many years to come and gives me a level of comfort and style that I like and am used to. I plan to keep her (or some RV) even after I get a house (when and where to be determined). 

As far as the book is concerned, I am slowly working forward through the chapters and fattening them up as I go with interesting tidbits and story-nuggets. I will be up to Chapter 17 with all of the chapters up my target length in no time. After that comes the fun of shaping the end of this book, I am still split on that. 

I will continue to hunker down, live as cheaply as I can as I work on the book and wait for spring to truly arrive. I am already starting to look for a campsite with full hookups to reserve for the Easter long weekend, when I can and will, finally de-winterize Wanda and be able to take a shower in my own trailer and use my own sink to wash dishes . . . such luxury. 

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