Monday 23 March 2015

That Sucker is Dead, With No Bounce

Yep, it fell flat and didn’t bounce back up. In fact it didn’t even twitch. I am of course referring to Card #2. This weekend I got my E-Statement for Card #2 and I had expected to see a bill of a few dollars. 

After paying a card down to zero sometimes, usually, the next statement is one demanding a few dollars. My best guess his is that this is the interest or other fees which accrue between the time the statement came out and the time you paid it. This time, however, I got the happy bill of zero. 

So Card #2 is officially dead, and tucked away until needed, hopefully not for a while and even then just to book something online, where it will be immediately paid off. 

I did leave the money in the account and seeing my hinny above zero, even to poke an eyeball above zero got me inspired to be silly and reckless. After depositing my paycheque, I: filled up Trea and Jenny’s gas tanks, paid off my cell bill, kept Card #1 happy, bought some groceries . . . and that’s it. 

I have enough to get me through, and so I will hunker down and get through this. If I am able to keep this up, by the time the next payday rolls around (April 7th) I may actually be able to keep said hinny above zero by the following payday (April 22nd). 

If I can manage that, then all of next month can go to Card #1. If by some miracle I can keep this up and pay off Card #1 by first payday of May. Then I may not be so far behind achieving my goal of paying my bills off by July 22nd after all (even without a crowdfunding campaign). Who knows, but I know that I need to keep focusing on one payday at a time one goal at a time, and not get too far ahead.

To be accurate, (above zero) refers to the dollar amount in my main account measured the night before payday. To me, this is simply making sure that I made it from one payday to the next and have maintained a positive balance in that account. The same is true for “Above $500.00”, and “Above $1000.00.”

On a personal note Ace has been relegated to being my emergency back-up power. On Friday morning I measured the time that he kept my laptop running . . . it was little more than an hour. I lug him back and forth to work and leave him plugged in for nine hours. For me, this is not a good return on my effort.

I will now run my laptop through a small inverter and using Wanda’s batteries. It is not winter and I do not need the power to run the furnace as much, so I can get away with it. I still hope to be able to run Jenny every other day, but we shall see how things go . . . so far, so good.

I enjoyed getting ready for work this morning as I had extra space. I stayed in my Western Home and therefore had my slide-out, out. This meant that I had that just a bit of extra space to move about. I didn’t need to shove the table back and forth every time I moved. This actually helped with my mood this morning. It felt like I was actually in a small house and not a submarine.

I have resolved to find a place not far from work, where I can park and: safely put my slide-out out and run Jenny, all without disturbing people or traffic. I will go for a walk (or drive) around tonight to see what I can see. 

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