Wednesday 18 March 2015

I Have a Plan!

Okay, so here goes and a bit of fate worked in my favour. Due to an expected upcoming busy time at work I am not able get the exact time off that I needed. So I won’t be going down to the coast as I had been planning. This, coupled with a new way of working my paydown schedule, means that I am not as behind schedule as I had thought. 

If I pay off Visa this month, then put the thousand at the end of next month into the account and carry on with my regular payments on Card Three, I will be done by the end of August. While that block of thousand next month won’t get me out of the overdraft it will get me close . . . closer. I plan to keep saving as much as I can along the way, taking it pay period by pay period. 

This concept is what I call ‘trickle saving.’ It works by spending less every day and leaving what I don’t spend in the account. By doing this every day, each small amount that I don’t spend adds up over time. Each of those little amounts, trickling into the account makes a difference. I hope to be out of the overdraft by June.

I could reverse things, pay down like mad on Card three and still make the July 22 deadline. Then I would still, and for all that time be deeeep into the overdraft. I have lived there for a year and a half; I don’t plan to do that again, it is not a happy place to be. For those of you who have done this, you know what I mean.

There are still a lot of things that could go wrong and all sorts of possible “life events” that could blow me off course. All in all, I have a plan, and I am working that plan, one pay period at a time. The thing to remember is to be flexible and alter what you are doing in order to meet your goals. If for whatever reason you will miss one goal, set a new one and work towards it. The key, is to never give up, never surrender, and keep moving forward.

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