Tuesday 24 March 2015

Honk and a Grumble

Okay, so I tried out a new parking spot to put my slid-out out last night. I went a bit further down the block that I park along to a stretch where it gets a bit wider. 

This is where the big rigs park and so I parked behind them and decided to chance it. I was even under a street light (across the street), so you would clearly see me all night. 

I put my slide-out out and measured the distance between it and where the gravel ends. This was what I used to determine the beginning of the roadway. It was at least two feet, so I figured, I would be okay.  All evening as I puttered around in Wanda, things were fine and nobody complained.  

I had the idea to buy reflector tape and put it on either edge of the slide out. That way, when it is deployed, it will reflect some red light back at you, and you know it is there, yet when pulled back in, you don’t see it. 

This morning I got up and puttered around, enjoying the extra space but I got a few honks, so with a grumble I pulled my slide-out in and continued with my morning. Back to shoving my table back and forth I went.

This morning I enjoyed not walking to work towing Ace in his wheely-basket. All I had in my hand was my lunch. 

I will try some other place tomorrow night. This is part of the fun, constantly finding ways to improve what I do. For now, that challenge is trying to find the right spot to park with my slide-out out.

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