Thursday 5 March 2015

The Batteries Aren’t Dead . . . The Lamp Still Glows

Okay, there is a line somewhere between Working and Functional. Then there is another one between Functional and Barely Operational after that there is only useless fading into death.

The funny thing is that when something slowly tapers off, you don’t really notice it, you just keep getting used to it. When a candle burns down to nothing, it burns out ; there is either light or there is none, there is no in-between.

With battery-operated lamps, they dim as the batteries get drained down to nothing. This happens over time, until you find yourself keeping a flashlight at the ready so you can see what you need to see . . . even though both of your battery-operated lamps are above you and turned on.

But, they can’t be dead . . . they still glow . . . kinda . . . yet in a useless way. Sure, they help you see so you don’t bump into things but not enough so you can see your blessed keyboard to type.

So, yesterday I changed the batteries in my battery-operated lamps and viola I had plenty of light. It was at that moment that they feeling of how silly and stupid I have been over the past few weeks for suffering in darkness hit me.

On a literary front, I was able to get some traction yesterday morning and this morning on Book Two. I have found and crafted that elusive chapter that was needed to move the plot forward. This book will turn out a bit different than the ending of the movie script. I am enjoying it and reshaping things. If I do this right, I can extend what was one movie script into three books, as is my plan.

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