Thursday 19 March 2015

Woo-Hoo, More Scrimping and Saving Ahead!

Okay, when I got into work, my paycheque was waiting for me. Don’t get too excited, I don’t, as it is still dated for Sunday, and the people at my bank are sticklers as to adhering to the date on the cheque. Ah well. 

What this does mean is I can now do my final budget for the upcoming pay period, as I at least know much I am getting. So then I checked the current status of Card #1, and it is just over $1300.00. 

Don’t yell at me, a good chunk of that was my own doing, fine, but that last bit was the bathtub for Wanda. I had to order and pay for that bathtub, which was cracked when buddy backed into me. 

This affects my budget in that the only way I can pay that all off at once is if I don’t spend a dime I don’t have to anywhere else. I mean: pay my cell bill, pay the Wanda payment and Card #1 . . . and just hope I have enough food to last, enough gas to get me by, and of course enough cash to buy my propane. Anyone else see a problem with this impractical budget? 

So, what this means is that I will pay my expected $1000.00 on Card #1, fund what I have to and just carry the balance to the next payday. It looks as if that paycheque will be a bit larger. So if I save a bit more on that pay period, in a realistic way, I might get that thing paid off by then. If I can do that, then the full $1000.00 of next month can go into the account to lift myself 2/3rds of the way out of overdraft. 

I am still going camping next weekend, so I can enjoy myself, do some spring cleaning and yes, de-winterize Wanda. Things are tight, but looking up, just to prove it, here is this morning’s sunrise pic.

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