Friday 27 March 2015

Pasty Legs Unleashed!

Woo Hoo! It was warm yesterday! How warm was it? It was sooooo warm that I actually put shorts on after work! Yes boys and girls I was able to lounge around Wanda all evening in shorts and nooooo furnace. 

I still ran Jenny to charge Wanda’s batteries, as I do use them (through the inverter) in the morning when using the laptop. It was a bit windy for me to open the windows, which I may do tonight, but the warmth was nice. 

I was nice to put on shorts for the first time in months, but a conundrum was revealed. As you can imagine, with this being the first time since October that I dared to venture outside without at least one layer of pants, my “Caucasian Heritage” shone through in spades. To prove my point here is a shot of my pasty legs.

This is not good or bad, it just is; I see sunburned legs in my near future though. My melatonin content is rather low due to my genetic heritage: English, German and Swedish. As a result I have three colours:  White, Red and Call a Doctor! 

It took all of my life for me to get that “farmers tan” going so I can go outside without a turtle neck. One of the reasons why I wear a wide-brimmed hat is because the back of my neck gets sunburned in summer. I turn into a literal “Redneck” (without the racist attitude). 

Again, this is just me and I don’t let my lack of tanning ability (or very slow ability) to stop me; I just get out there and do what I want to do. In the warmer months I live in shorts and light shirts. I look forward to shelving my pants and thermal undies for months to come.

I will allow myself to believe the delusion that the ice age is over and that never, ever again will the horrible thing called “Winter” return. Come October or November, when that first snowfall hits, I will get angry, throw a tantrum (in private) then just grumble and accept it. I will then morn for the loss of the sun and warm weather, hunker down and get through winter. For now though, the warm weather has returned . . . forever and ever and ever . . . yep indeedie! (I so live in the wrong country).

I will admit that I feel the pull to go visit McLean Creek this weekend. This is silly as next weekend I am going to the campground near Cochrane so I can De-Winterize Wanda. I don’t need the extra expense of the camping fees or two trips out of the city on this one tank of gasoline. I will mumble and mutter through and make it through the short week next week. 

In the meantime I will enjoy the warmth, wear shorts at night and try to get some colour in these pasty legs of mine.  

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