Friday 6 March 2015

Warm Weather Conundrum

Okay, so here is an interesting problem that has surfaced. I run Jenny to charge Wanda’s batteries and run the furnace (without draining said batteries) so I can heat up Wanda. 

Due to yesterday’s wonderful weather, when I got home, Wanda was already at 15C inside! So, I didn’t need to run Jenny at all . . . but that was where the problem comes in. 

You see, while Jenny is running I sit down and putter about on the laptop, without draining its batteries or Ace’s. I could have just not run Jenny and saved the fuel, but then I would have to keep the laptop turned off. 

I can’t run the laptop without using Ace’s power up first. If I plug a drained laptop into Ace, Ace will not last that long as the laptop quickly sucks the juice out of Ace to recharge itself.

If I use up Ace in the evning, I won’t have any juice to run the laptop in the morning. So I have to either run Jenny or find a place to plug-in in order to use my laptop in the evening. 

So, I ran Jenny anyways and kept the place toasty warm to 20C until bedtime. In the morning the place was around 7C, and didn’t take long to heat up to 15C. 

I will have to see how to solve this dilemma in the future, as I don’t want to run Jenny everyday if I don’t have to. Every time I run Jenny it costs me fuel. Yet another challenge to overcome, but the warm weather is a welcome change. 

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