Tuesday 3 March 2015

Slugging Through

I have been slowing down with work on Book Two. This spot, a third of the way in I have been stuck at for some time now. I have been mulling over just how to shape the story, and which direction to go. 

I seem to have found the way to continue the story, yet keep the tension and drama going. It is a delicate dance to have a number of characters, all with their own desire, plots and ends all in one place. 

As expected the focal point of these plots is Brian, the new, unexpected and involuntary player in this world of shadow. As for Brian himself he feels lost and not sure what to do as everyone seems to want him dead except a group who strike him as evil, fanatical, and . . . well . . . nuts.

(Hmm. That just sounded like the back cover to the book)

I am still hunkering down and getting through this very brief cold snap, then on to warmer weather later this week. The jury is still out if spring will come early to Calgary or not; I shall wait and see. 

I will continue to live cheaply and simply and weather both the cold weather and my budget shortfall. The one thing I know is that both of these troubles shall pass. Sunnier and richer days lay ahead.

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