Tuesday 17 March 2015

Never November

The cold weather has returned this week to remind me that winter is not done just yet. Ah well, after November, I can handle just about anything. (Seriously though, bring on the warm weather).

I have been doing my best to save money and get through this last bit of cold weather and into spring. I am looking forward to that Easter Weekend to not only de-winterize Wanda but also do a bit of spring cleaning. 

I need to look over each and every item that I have and ask myself if I still need it. To do that I need space to put stuff, and the middle of a Wal-Mart parking lot or parked on a street does not seem like the place to do this.

Things are already looking a bit up financially, as if I am good and continue to save as much as I can I may be out of the overdraft by the end of next month, that would be a good thing for me, emotionally, as I hate being in that overdraft and need to feel like I am getting ahead. 

For once I am out of the overdraft, I then will have: card one paid off, card two paid off, as well as my overdraft paid off. That will just leave card three, that last and largest one. If I continue to save as I pay down that card, I will nudge myself towards my goal of keeping at least $1000.00 in my account at all times (for my own overdraft of sorts).

For now though, this means I lead a very dull life. I work, then park not far from work and work on my laptop. It just is what it is and it has to be this way, for my own sanity, I need to get these bills done and dead. As I is, my best estimate puts me two months behind my “debt freedom date.” I refuse to push that till November. I just won’t do it. 

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