Saturday 26 July 2014

She’s Alive! She’s Alive!

I got to the campsite a little after 5 pm yesterday, after picking up the solar panel and charge controller that I had planned to get. I also emptied out my storage unit, but more on that later.

The first thing I did was to connect Wanda’s batteries and measured the voltage, (9.30 Volts). I then plugged Wanda in and measured the batteries again, here is the shot (yes that's in DC Volts).

What this means is that voltage is getting to the batteries from Wanda’s internal charge controller. Her batteries will take a few hours to properly charge up, as batteries do not charge up instantly. So, I will be okay and happy to have power right now; ah the small luxuries of life like stable source of power.

As I said before I went over to my storage unit to empty my main storage unit out and check on the auction for my second storage unit. While the auction was to take place this month, it didn’t happen and won’t happen till late next month. What that meant is that I needed to pay for an extra month to store stuff I don’t want. The upside is that it will be a big auction with lots of people. Hopefully I’ll get more than a case of beer for my stuff. We’ll see.

The place where I got my solar panel from was one where you are hesitant to go inside as it was located in the back of the building, the back of another location. Sure they were primarily an online supplier and called themselves a wholesale company (with prices to match). 

I was surprised by their friendly and expert service and the fact that they had quality stuff. I will see how it goes today during assembly and testing (with Ace) and if it lives up to expectations, I will give them a shout-out (something I don’t do). 

I have lots of cleaning and sorting through of stuff to do this weekend. I need to find temporary homes for things that I want to keep yet are going to the coast. I also need to check over and fix that umbilical cord coming from Trea to make sure that my solder job was correct. Of course I also want to do a bit of sightseeing and biking, after all I am in Banff.  

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