Monday 28 July 2014

Sunday Was a Good Day

Okay, I didn’t get a whole lot done on Sunday, and that was a good thing. I went for a few bike rides, explored the area, tidied up a little bit, you know, got done what I needed to get done, but in essence I really didn’t do that much. Here is my favourite shot of the weekend

I didn’t reopen my repair job on Wanda’s umbilical cord from Trea, as it didn’t seem necessary. When it was all said and done it would have taken only one night in a campsite to charge Wanda up.

I did enjoy the extra time there and was able to setup and experiment with the Solar Panel. I know now that I have a workable solution, but in truth I won’t really know until I start to use it.

I got up and left early this morning. I pulled out of the campsite at 5:30 and made it into Calgary with enough time to pick up a few essential groceries so I could make my lunch before work. On the way, I made time to pull over and get this shot.

 I am getting more used to this lifestyle but I don’t think I will ever be comfortable enough to disconnect from Wanda and leave her in a Walmart parking lot all on her lonesome. I will work up to firing up the BBQ for a nice BBQ’d burger. Who knows it may bring people over for an impromptu tailgate party, who knows.  

I need to do laundry tonight so I will find a local Laundromat and do my one load of laundry.  I have thought about somehow doing them in the bathtub but decided not to be so cheap. I also need to organize my foodstuffs better. It is all just a jumble of stuff from when Wanda was just a weekend trailer and the food from my little room.

I will focus on getting back on track with writing as I need to get this novel finished and to do that, I need to actually get it started, well, past chapter 1.

Well, I should get back to work now. 

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