Wednesday 30 July 2014

You’ll Have To Take My Word For It.

Okay, technically you don’t as you are a person who can think for yourself. You can choose to believe this blog entry or not, it is your choice. Why am I asking you to take me at my word today? Because I have no pictures to prove where I was last night. 

So there I was minding my own business as work yesterday; the workday was winding down. I had a few minutes left to go before it is home-time. For me, this meant relaxing in some large parking lot while puttering around Wanda.

I got a text from an old high school friend in Edmonton; well she wasn’t in Edmonton but in Drumheller. I knew that she was planning to come though Calgary but wasn’t really expecting her until the following night. 

We’re in Drumheller, come visit. I stared at the text and contemplated what to say. You see, Drumheller is an hour and a half away . . . and I still had to work the next morning.

The upside of my lifestyle is that I can do this, everything I have I take with me, so wherever I go I am home. I can easily drive off in a random direction and stay for the night at a moment’s notice. So, that’s what I did; last night I moved to Drumheller.

Well, actually to a small town east of Drumheller . . . and a bit east of Rosedale and to a place that I was not sure was an actual town, but they had a nice campground.

I had asked my friend to reserve me a spot next to hers and she did . . . somehow she forgot to communicate to the campsite people that I have a trailer and she was in the tenting section. 

After giving it the old college try and trying to back into a tenting spot in such a way as to not have my truck sticking out and blocking the road a few times, I gave up. 

I didn’t go home, I just went back to the campsite office and got the nearest RV spot . . . it was worth the extra 15 bucks. It wasn’t a pull through spot but I made it a pull through spot . . . prairie grass is tough to kill . . . it’ll be fine. 

What followed was an evening sitting around the campfire talking about anything and everything; spirituality, organized religion, destiny, philosophy, past lives (in short all the topics that make most people roll their eyes) it was fun and enlightening. 

We proceeded to try to solve the world’s problems and indeed we did, but nobody had a pen so we didn’t write the solution down. This morning I can’t remember exactly what it is but it has something to do with potatoes. 

She and her friend are on a wandering tour of rural Alberta. They are having an unplanned style of vacation where the just have an idea where they want to go and just go in that direction. She wanted to see the out of the way things and not the typical or expected. 

That is why while coming to Drumheller, she did not go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Trust me if you ever are in that area, spend the day and go through it, not only does it have dinosaurs but it tells you the evolutionary history of the world in a very interesting fashion. 

I left early this morning in order to drive the hour and a half to get to work in time. Last night was an interesting adventure that I could have and few others could. I didn’t need to run home to throw some camping gear in my truck or just sleep in my truck; I wanted to go, so I went.

I plan to not go too far and spend very little in the near future. I have the trip to Vancouver coming up, I leave a week Friday (Friday the 8th) and I need to save up for that. 

While I didn’t get any writing done today I was able to get a bit of writing done at work. It was slow and I was inspired so I will admit that I stole a bit of time and wrote a good start on chapter two. The story is starting to gain momentum, and soon will be practically writing itself. (When last I left it, a little girl who wants to be a Healer was trying to give her very reluctant cat a medical examination) Well, I should start work now.

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