Monday 14 July 2014

The Evening of Day One

As I sit here and sip my beer, relaxing after the day of work in my new favourite spot, I think to myself . . . I could get used to this. I will share a few pictures of where I am parked before I continue.

Believe it or not I am still within the Industrial area where I work and that is an actual wetland. What makes this even more choice is that this is just a few blocks from work.

My best guess is that this is the area which is reserved so that water from storm drains and other underwater streams have a place to drain to and then be absorbed by the groundwater. All I do know is that it is a small patch of nature in the midst of industrial development.

There is a street which runs beside it and the only parking restrictions (other than the fire hydrants) are “snow routes” so I am golden until the next massive snowfall and the city needs to plow the streets.

The only downside so-far is that the USB TV tuner that I bought has yet to pick up any channels. I will keep at it but for ten bucks out of China, who knows what the problem is.

I will unwind tonight but tomorrow morning I will try to get back into writing, I hope to finally get going on some sort of creative writing venture, rather than writing the Tanea Series, Season One, Version Eight . . . (I need help,  I know that).

In all seriousness I plan to sit down and write the first Tanea Novel in hopes to get that project finally rolling, after all these years (since 2001). Well, wish me luck.


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