Tuesday 29 July 2014

New Routines

Life is starting to settle into a new set of routines.  I get up, write, get ready for the day, go to work, work, then drive somewhere (rotating my parking spaces around), relax for the evening/do what I need to do, then go to sleep.  The excitement of yesterday evening was finding a Laundromat and doing my laundry. 

The odd thing is that I determine where I sleep by where I end up after my evening errands. I don’t have anywhere specific to go to and the closest thing I have to a fixed point is my place of work.  I just realize where I am and try to remember the nearest mall/big box store in the direction of work and go there. 

I am trying to work in some exercise here and there. On the weekend I did go for a few bike rides. I am still somewhat of a “Mobile Hermit” but I am keeping up with friends via: Facebook, text and email.

What keeps me going is keeping my eye on that first target of getting that first credit card done by the end of August. It is a bit of a stretch, given the trip this month and all, but if the auction sells and there is no delay in payment, it should be done. I’ve already gotten it down to a shade over $1500.00.

I may pay the card off and be in overdraft for a short bit, just to get it done. Silly I know, but it is a goal I want to hit and if it is only a few hundred bucks away, why not. True it is just trading one debt for another but it’s important to me. 

The book is starting to take shape, I have reworked it so the Prologue is now a quick overview of the society where the story is set. Then we start the story in chapter one with our smashing, action opening and go from there. I know and keep telling myself that this is just the first pass of the book.

It will get better and more refined the more times I edit it. First you need to finish the book and then edit the piss out of it.  Each pass you hone and refine what you wrote until if flows nicely. Anyone who tells you that they just write something once and then publish it is lying.

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