Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Morning of Day Two

Okay, I am at work and so far no great boogie-man or other all-powerful authority figure has come by and told me that I can’t do this that I must rent a cubby-hole. Strangely enough, I am expecting such a visit.

As I was sitting, having my coffee and writing this morning , cars were pulling up to go to work at the place across the street from me. Nobody came over but I felt a few looks my way, though I cannot be certain. To be fair, I don’t know if anyone paid me any mind other than “that truck and trailer is not usually there.”

I got a bit nervous when I noticed someone parked in their truck on the phone. I remember wondering if they were going to call the police or have me towed away. I know that I was parked on a proper street and that there was no parking restrictions, yet still the fear lingers. 

I am doing something which not many people do and most consider crazy or something one does when you have no other options. All my life I have been taught and told that you have to rent a house, have to rent a room, I just wonder, why? It is expensive, and I can’t take it with me. 

Right now I need to pay my bills and live as cheaply as possible. Since I am just not wired to allow myself to be a “kept man,” Amateur Gigolo to a woman who will pay my bills is out of the question. Even as I write this I know that I am trying to convince myself, rather than you, of the rightness of what I am doing.  

I just need to get used to being parked, and sleeping, in places where most don’t. As long as I am considerate and keep to places where most won’t mind, I should be fine. 

As far as large shopping centre parking lots, I am a bit long to park in two stalls, thereby necessitating parking across a number of stalls so as to not block traffic. This is something I don’t want to do until after said store closes, so the parking lot camping seems to be out of the question, for now.

I know that in a week or two I will be fine, but this uneasiness of a new and, shall we say, different lifestyle is something that I am experiencing, at this moment. So if anyone is crazy enough to try this, expect that sensation to come. I still trust that, in time, I will not only get used to, but start to enjoy, this mobile lifestyle. 

I will say that while I did get up a bit later than usual (mental note, turn on the snooze function on the alarm) I did get some writing done, so progress is progress. As far as “Ace” (my name for my 700 Watt Eliminator battery pack) is concerned, he did great. Not only did he happily run the laptop for the few hours that I was writing as well as last night, but also charged my phone.  

Right now he is in the back seat of Treabilla with the charge controller while the solar panel is across the dash.  I hope that he will be fully charged by the end of work. If that happens then I will be fine as far as AC power goes. 

I will say this that this mobile lifestyle makes you constantly focussed on how much water and power you are using, as those resources are finite. Sure, I can charge up Ace and run Trea to charge Wanda’s batteries , but they only last so long. 

The water and propane tanks only hold only so much before I must pay to dump the grey and blackwater tanks and fill the fresh water tank. As well when the propane tanks are empty I must buy more propane. In essence, everything costs something, what that means is that everything is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. 

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