Wednesday 16 July 2014

A Quiet Evening At Home . . . On the Range

Okay, so apparently I had one setting wrong when setting Ace up to charge yesterday. What that meant is that no charging took place, so he didn’t last long last night. I then spent some time and figured out what I did wrong and set him up to charge. There was still light out and apparently enough to charge him  . . . he is still there charging away. I will let you know how long it takes to fully charge him. 

Since Ace was not charged enough to use, that meant that I had a quiet evening and this time I opened the door, not only to cool Wanda but also to sit on the doorstep. I watched the sunset over my wetland and enjoyed the antics of the birds.  The phone was charging while plugged into Trea, so I had her passenger window down, so I could hear it ring. It was a forced evening of calm, and a nice respite. 

I woke up late again this morning, and checked the alarm setting  . . . apparently I had only set it for Monday, not during the weekdays  . . . oops. Good thing I am a morning person, who doesn’t really need an alarm. 

The laptop had enough charge in it to last during my writing session this morning and had more to go. I did make more headway, not as much as when I am in my peek, but the story is coming out of me now, so this is good. I know that if I force myself to write each morning, it will pick up speed and the story will flow easier. 

I am getting used to having people come and go by me as I do my thing. I didn’t pay anyone any mind this morning.  I just did my morning routine and ignored them, and likewise they seemed to ignore me. 

Tonight I will try to go for a bike ride in a park and even, if I dare, have a small barbeque. Who knows, that’s the fun of towing my house behind me, my options are open.  

I am still smiling that in the span of 3 paycheques I should have the first credit card done. That would make it by the end of August. If I keep going then by the end of December the next one will be dead. That one may take a bit longer, depending on when I need to hibernate for the winter. 

I know that to make this happen I need to actually buckle down and put money on credit cards. I think that my outfitting of Wanda is done, and I don’t really need anything more, so my pay-down of debt should pick up speed.

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