Wednesday 23 July 2014

Electricity Is Everything

This journey is a constant cycle of analysis and revision. You solve one problem and another one pops up, or your initial solution proves inadequate. You need to have an attitude that problems are not bad news, just a situation to be resolved. 

For me it is the fact that I had thought that the charge coming from Treabilla would be enough to charge Wanda’s batteries, proved incorrect. Wanda’s batteries are running dangerously low, so I dare not even use the slide out. If her batteries run out then I won’t even have water. 

I know that the answer is to install a proper solar charging system in Wanda to truly correct the situation.  Since I am vehemently committed to getting rid of my first card by the end of August, this will not happen. I can however find a campsite with a plugin and stay for a few days, letting the power mains charge up Wanda. It is not an idea situation, but a workable one. 

What further complicates things is that it takes too long to charge Ace up for him to be a practical use for running the Laptop. I brought the laptop into work to charge all day as Ace charges up in the truck. If I had more power I could run the laptop longer and perhaps write more or do something like play a game. Again I dare not waste the precious resource of electricity and computer time on a video game.

I can make this work, it will mean that I will simply have to use less and less power, somehow conserve my electrical resources until a permanent solution can be enacted. As I sit and camp this weekend I will be reinstalling the operating system on my laptop as it has grown slower than my old 486. It happens to windows computers which have been installed for too long, I don’t know why, but it does. So, rather than buy a new computer, I will just reinstall this one.

There is always something that you don’t think of, some complication that you failed to foresee. That is life, simply roll with it. Don’t get angry or put yourself down because of a choice that you made. You made a choice and went with it, sometimes it proves correct, sometimes not; that’s life, get over it.  

When faced with a challenge, the first thing is to accept that whatever is happening, is actually happening. The next thing to do is determine what exactly is going on and what isn’t. Finally, figure out what you can do about it and do that. If you need to, take a few moments to swear and get angry; then let the anger go and rationally deal with the situation. This is something that I am learning. 

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