Monday 14 July 2014

First Day At Work After The Move

I was camping this weekend in a beautiful area which had spotty to no cell service. That means that I didn’t get all of your messages and well-wishes until this morning . . . thank you, all of you.

McLean Creek was, as I said a well-organized campground in beautiful surroundings. The one interesting bonus was the fact that someone had horses in the campground area so they were wandering the forests around and behind my campsite. I also liked the fact that it had a fire-pit, a simple camping pleasure that seems to be denied you in Parks Canada Campsites (at least the ones in Banff).

I got up and drove back to town in plenty of time to do a bit of last minute shopping (for my lunch) and splurge on fast food breakfast.  I know that I need to do some proper grocery shopping tonight.

The two things that I left off my list of things which may screw me over are: 1) Theft, and 2) Towed/Impounded. 

As I sit here at work I can’t help but worry a bit that either someone will take the corner too wide and plow into Wanda. Then again there is the thought that someone could just simply steal Trea and Wanda. Then of course there is the possibility of some parking-Nazi impounding my truck for some obscure regulation.  I will resist the urge to go out at lunch to check, as either they will be there (in tact) at the end of they won’t. 

I still haven’t told my boss about this move and I am putting that off as I don’t want him to think that I am 1) too weird and/or 2) a charity case. The truth is and it was emphasised this weekend that I don’t need anything larger than Wanda right now. She has all the stuff that I need and as long as I can find a place to park and the pipes won’t freeze, I’ll be fine. Well, time  to start work now.

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