Thursday 17 July 2014

I Cheated, But Still Went For My Bike Ride

I figured that it was too hot to barbeque so I went to McDonalds. Okay I might have not had the nerve to pull out my table, set up my portable barbeque and make dinner. Yes, the thought did occur to me that how lazy can you be if you get fast food when you are towing a kitchen around with you wherever you go?

The best thing about last night was the fact that I found a wonderful place to park by the river with access to the river path system.  I will have to visit it again. I will try to find another access point, closer to work.

If it wasn’t for the sign that said “Gates will be locked at dusk” I might have stayed there, but then again the large and beautiful houses overlooking this parking lot gave me a moment of pause. The people who I imagined would live there seemed like the kind who would complain about someone “camping out” there. The last thing I need is hassle from the fuzz. 

It was quite hot though and I had all the windows open most of the evening and half way through the night. I actually wished I had an AC plug in so I could run the air conditioner.  

Ace did get partly charged up by yesterday evening, so the system is working, and since I didn’t know exactly how charged he was, it is hard to say if he was fully charged to begin with. If he was fully charged, however, it is not going to work entirely as I had envisioned. 

That’s okay though. As long as I use him to charge the phone and recharge the laptop, it should work. The internal laptop battery can work for almost two mornings; so in essence, it should work if it takes two days to charge Ace. Then again, if he is fully charged, maybe it will only take a day to top him up. I need more experimentation to figure this out.

I found a different side-street in a slightly different commercial area to park and sleep last night. I will admit that this morning I have started to have a feeling of not really belonging anywhere, always “squatting” wherever I go. I know that I don’t “squat” in the traditional sense, I don’t break into people’s houses and live there but I do make a home on random streets. Once again, this whole experience would be better with someone to share it with, but that’s not possible; I know that.

I need to get out more and do things, try to socialize more; that much is clear. I will go for another, longer bike ride tonight. I know I can and will make this work. I have a plan to get this debt under control, and I need to stick to it. 

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