Wednesday 1 July 2020

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Here it is, Canada Day, the day we celebrate the forming of our country. It is quite sensible and Canadian reason why this day is the anniversary of the birth of our country.

Back in 1867 (or thereabouts) a group of politicians sought to create something larger than just a series of individual colonies of the same mother country. 

After a bunch of political wrangling and back and forth it was agreed to join five of those colonies together into one “dominion” which was to be called “Canada.”

The bill to do that which was called “The British North America Act” which was actually the first in a series of acts which divested powers from Britain to Canada (over Canada).

The important thing is that that first bill, received Royal Assent, meaning it was signed into law by the Sovereign, who was Queen Victoria at the time on March 29, 1867.

Since there was some time needed to implement the actual joining of the colonies, the actual joining did not take place for a few months yet. 

For whatever reason, the date of July the1st was decided. Thus how Canada Day was born.

Now, while it was an imperfect start and there are problems within Canada that need to be addressed, and yes some historical wrongs that need to be righted, for the most part, I would say that Canada now, is a good country and a great place to live. A country that I am proud to call my home and a country that I am proud of.

I choose to see the good and build on those as we try to fix what needs to be fixed. That we make Canada a great place to live for all people who call it home.

So, to all who call Canada home, let me say, have a happy Canada Day!

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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