Friday 24 July 2020

Boss’s Vacation Impacts My Paycheque

So, Boss is going on a vacation for the next two weeks. Fine. No problem. Yet, why does Boss’s vacation have to negatively impact my paycheque? Without warning yet.

So, on Wednesday, out of the blue Boss told us at work that we had to hand in our timesheets by the end of business the following day (as in yesterday).

Which was odd, because we had just gotten paid (Wednesday) and we had another week on the current payperiod that we were in (the one that he wanted the timesheeto of).

The reason, was an admirable one, in that Boss was going on vacation and would not be back in time to give us our paycheques for August the 7th.

I will say this that one of the things that I like and appreciate is that I have never had to worry about getting my paycheque. 

It has always been given to me, and always been correct nor have I had to go chasing after it.

If I was just an hourly employee this early timesheet thing would not be an issue, as I would know almost exactly how much it was going to be.

Yet, I make hourly rate plus a commission on every online sale I process. So, that means that my paycheque will vary; gustimateing what it will be is a game I play at work.

So, this edict of handing in the timesheet means that half of the days that I could have earned commission on, will not be on this paycheque.

Now, to be fair, I will get paid the commission from those day, just on the August 22nd paycheque. A full month away.

It also kinda works out okay, as in this payperiod (the one for August 7) will be larger than usual anyways. 

It so happens that there are two extra days on it, which makes a huge difference: I started out at Budgetary Minimum, and ended up a hundred bucks over it.

Conversely, the August 22nd paycheque has two less days (than the August 7th) paycheque. 

So I will be starting out behind the eight ball trying to get up to Budgetary Minimum. The added 6 days of commission on that paycheque will be welcome.

My point is that it is frustrating to have your paycheque jerked around by forces outside of your control, simply for the convenience of others.

I will be okay, but I am raising this point more for the sales guy who relies much more on his commission to get to his Budgetary Minimum.

One way or another, bills will be paid and goals will be achieved, regardless of what games are played with my paycheque. Of that you can be certain.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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