Monday 6 July 2020

The Arts And Culture District

I will continue my series on the various areas that will be in the town that I will found. Today we will look at The Arts and Culture District.

Now, to be fair, I am not much of a graphic artist. I can’t draw all that well and I haven’t painted since I was in elementary school.

Art and Culture cover a wide range of activities and so my writing is an art form. Just like plays, theatre and music are also art forms.

Yet the expression, and exploration of that art is also culture. It is important for a society and a community to foster and embrace art and culture.

Yet, it has to be done in a sensible and responsible way, and no I am not talking about regulating or validating art or culture, I am talking about the allocation of funding.

Since our town will be founded on the concept of “there is no magic money tree” each area will have to somehow be self-sufficient with the funds it can raise (sorta, I’ll get into this later).

What this means is that while a whole area of the town has been set aside, the same size as the Commercial District, or one of the areas within The Urban Nomad’s Park. (10 Acres or 1/8 mile by 1/8 mile)

I see the overall layout being similar yet different than that of the Commercial District with similarities in how it is governed (an elected body of Artists and Culturists? Working and/or living in The Arts and Culture District).

I see this area laid out in a grid format with streets and buildings and all that, to be different, I see the buildings built in the Timber-framed or Half-timbered style.

Solidly built and built with all of the modern conveniences in it, but done so with style.

As to what is here, I see artist’s studio spaces, of varying sizes. I see various theatre spaces of varying sizes and styles. 

The prerequisite coffee houses with open microphone to express your spoken word art.

It would also be nice to have a replica of the Globe Theatre (the theatre that Shakespeare wrote his plays to be performed in (why not, and it would be a tourist draw).

I see our Globe Theatre having a roof, which would be a screen, on which the sky would be projected, nice blue sky with a few clouds in it before and after the show, with the sky darkening to night sky with twinkling stars for the show itself.

I see a number of schools and academies in this area to help teach, expand and explore arts and culture through the next generation, and all those willing to learn.

Just like the Commercial District, all buildings would be owned and run by the Governing body of The Arts and Culture District, so as to keep the price of rents low.

While you will be expected to somehow make money with your art, or rather make money to pay to be able to pursue your art, art will be the focus of this area.

While art will be fostered and expressed, you still need to have a way to pay to live. Such is the balance between moneymaking and charitably fostering art, that the people of this district, and the governing body thereof will need to find and walk.

On a note of making money with art and culture, why would the people of this district do this alone.

They could, and should, seek the assistance and partnership with the individuals or groups from The Commercial District. 

After all, The Commercial District are focussed on making money and good at it, so why not use their expertise and passion to help fund and further the expertise and passion of those in The Arts and Culture District?

I could go on, but this should give you an idea as to what I have in mind for The Arts and Culture District of the town that I want to start.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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