Wednesday 8 July 2020

The Science District

I will continue my series on the various areas that will be in the town that I will found. Today we will look at The Science District.

This district will be where all of the scientific groups are located, as well as where the projects are worked on and completed. 

This area will be laid out in a manner that reflects its need. It may or may not be laid out as a grid or it may be laid out like a university or other type of institution.

As far as the architectural style goes, I see it being something futuristic (yet not ridiculous) or perhaps something ultra-modern. 

It will look like exactly what you would expect a place of science to look like: reflecting and envisioning the future.

In essence this district will be the shrunk down version of the scientific part of the town that I really do want to start (you have to start somewhere).

As far as how it will be run, it will also have a democratic, responsible government with each group electing its own leader.

The leaders of each group within a Pillar (each area such as: Analytical, Theoretical, Laboratory, Field, Applied, and Trade Guilds) will together form the governing body for that Pillar. 

The leader of that governing body of a specific Pillar will be elected from and by the whole group of people that work within that Pillar.

So, within the Laboratory Pillar, shall we say, we will have a number of groups. Let’s say Laboratory Biology for example. 

The people working in the Laboratory Biology Group will elect from within themselves a person to manage the Laboratory Biology Group. 

That Elected Leader, (of the Laboratory Biology Group) will not only lead the Laboratory Biology Group but also sit on the governing body for The Laboratory Sciences Pillar.

The leader of The Laboratory Sciences Pillar could be anyone within the whole of The Laboratory Sciences Pillar. 

The same is true for the governing body for the whole of the Scientific District. The elected leader of each Pillar will sit on this governing body with the overall leader elected from the whole of the population of the Science District.

I see the Enlighteners (Library, Archivists, and Educators combined) as well as The Healers (Medical System) also headquartered here, but with facilities throughout the town.

The idea is to have various groups working on science in the manner and way that they best enjoy. 

Each Pillar or Group within a Pillar should and must collaborate and work with other groups and other Pillars so as to further science together. 

As in each group or Pillar furthers: science, knowledge, technology and understanding in the manner in which they do it (as defined by their Pillar) yet handing off their work to another group or Pillar when the work strays into their (the other Pillar’s) scope of science.

I could go on but the idea is to have an area of the town that furthers science, knowledge, technology and understanding in a manner that is governed and controlled by the scientists themselves in a democratic, responsible government model.

It is also important to note that those working in this District will take no salary, yet have all of their needs met by the Science District.

As far as funding goes, while some cash can be transferred from other districts, it will be important to somehow secure funding, grants, donations, licensing patents etc, to fund this place and hopefully break even (or come close).

I could go on much more, but this should give you an idea as to what this District will do. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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