Friday 31 July 2020

A Grand Weekend Adventure Awaits

And so does my darling dearest . . . to accompany me on said grand weekend adventure. . . or is it I am accompanying her on her grand weekend adventure?
(Picture is for effect, and is one from my photo archives)

Either way, this afternoon we will be heading south of the city where we live in, in order to get away and enjoy a small town that we have heard so much about.

We will do my usual Friday afternoon running around before heading out onto the open road for the short journey to our weekend destination.

We did not secure a spot but the place that we are going has an “overflow field” which is encouraging in this time of the whole province going camping for their ‘staycations.’

It is going to be a fun and fine weekend, even if it rains all weekend, why? Because my lady will be with me. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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