Friday 10 July 2020

The Agriculture District

I will continue my series on the various areas that will be in the town that I will found. Today we will look at The Agriculture District.

The Agriculture District is one quarter of our quarter section of land (so 1/8th of a mile by 1/8th of a mile or 40 acres in a square. 

Well, minus a 5 acre chunk that goes to area reserved for The House of Westlock. As in, my home, that I will get to in another blog entry.

The Agriculture District will be the upper left portion of the town and above The Science District and The Conservatory. 

Rather than be just one large field or a field and a cluster of buildings in one corner, I see The Agriculture District being a cluster of buildings near the bottom of the District. 

As in bordering both The Science District and The Conservatory, as this district will work with and collaborate with both of these areas and the groups within.

It goes without saying that The Agriculture District will work with and be important to the whole of the town, as it is intended that all of most of the food consumed by the town will be grown/produced here.

So that means that also The Commerce District will work with The Agriculture District, to help sell the extra crops that they produce.

As far as the bulk of The Agriculture District, that will be a series of smaller field, so as to allow smaller amounts of different crops to be grown at the same time.

Crop rotation will be key, so as to help keep the soil healthy as we farm in an ecologically and environmentally healthy, respectful and sustainable way.

I do see some of the fields being converted over greenhouses or some form of warehouse/vertical farming operations.

This is so that more food can be grown per square inch of soil as well as food being able to be grown year round.

Again, as with the rest of this town, I could go on with regards to The Agriculture District, but this should give you a hint as to what I envision for this vital District.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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