Thursday 30 July 2020

A Neighbour Paid Me A Visit This Morning

He . . . she . . . they (I’ll respect their privacy) dropped by this morning, or perhaps last night and stayed the night . . . I’m not sure.

If I was thinking I would have snapped a picture of them, perching on my kitchen cabinet door . . . just resting there not bothering anyone.

I, however, was more than a bit freaked out, as for a bug they were a big one, they were a dragonfly. What’s more they have visited me before, or perhaps it was their friend.

Here is a crappy picture of their previous visit.

I have heard various tales of what nice significance having a dragonfly visit you means. 

I take it to mean that they were looking for a bit of shade and there is an abundance of food near my trailer.

Still, it was nice yet creepy (especially when I don’t remember them coming into my trailer) to see them this morning.

I did not try to smack or kill them, I just nudged them with the business end of my flyswatter. 

I was trying to either nudge them to move or try to lift them up and move them outside. Either way, outside was the objective.

They seemed to wake up when I nudged their hind legs as I was trying to get my flyswatter under them.

In what could be interpreted as either a sleepy flight pattern, or a drunken one, they made their way out of the door on their own, smacking into said door on their way out.

I am sure I will see my neighbour again . . . mental note, look around with more detail before closing up the house at night.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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