Monday 27 July 2020

I Got Hammered Friday Afternoon

. . . and not in a good way. So, there I was enjoying my relaxing Friday afternoon, after doing my running around, when I saw this . . . 

I did what most people did in my situation would do . . . hoped that it would be nice and just pass me by. It did . . . it passed over me . . . and it did move on by.

Yet it did not do so before giving me a bunch of “presents” . . . 

Yep, that is hail and not the “no need to be worried” type that I am used to seeing, it was the “let’s see what we can break” kind.

It sounded like I was in the middle of a protest and people were pelting my trailer with rocks. 

The sound was hard to hear because in the middle of it there is nothing you can do but just sit tight and hope that nothing gets broken. (I may or may not have shouted “Computer, raise shields!”)

Thankfully, I did come out relatively unscathed . . . relatively . . . but there was a casualty . . .

In order to stop the water from getting into my trailer, I did this . . . 

That is my plastic “wash tub” that I have, I have used it to wash my dishes and what have you. One handle is broken, so as a result it fit just nicely in the hole of the vent.

Afterwards I went up on the roof and encased the whole vent cover (while it was wide open) in a white, kitchen-catcher, garbage bag. 

When I then closed the vent, it sealed up the front vent nicely. It worked like a charm until I could replace the vent the next day.

My darling dearest was nice enough to drive me to the RV Dealership (where yes we looked at new ones, just for fun).

After picking up the new vent cover, it was just a matter of driving back to where Wanda was parked and swapping the damaged one with the new one.

The rear vent (the one over the bathroom) was not damaged, but this was because the plastic in it was newer (my theory). 

The front vent was a few years old, but I do believe that I have replaced it in the past.

I thought about buying a spare vent cover, but decided against it, as I would have to store it somewhere.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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