Tuesday 14 July 2020

I’ve Finally Got My S

Hello everyone, today is a special day, for today I can announce that I’ve finally got my “S”! What does that mean? Well, let me tell you.

Back when I started this blog, I didn’t have any special URL (web address) I just went with the standard one that Blogger gave you.

Shortly after starting, I learned that I could get a custom URL, well the search when on for a fitting title for my blog. 

I wanted something to do with being nomadic in an urban setting, thus I settled on The Urban Nomad. One problem, every iteration of that phase was taken . . . all but one . . . you guessed it . . .

I like it but it has an S in there, do you see it? The Urban Nomad S .ca. The “S” indicates that it is plural, as in there is more than one Urban Nomad. Well, now there is . . . sorta.

I will let my darling speak for herself, she is quite literate and is quite capable of speaking for herself . . . trust me. So, I will let her finish today’s blog entry.

Take it away Kim . . . 

Oh! By the way, this is me with Kim.

Okay, now take it away, Kim . . .

Thanks, Geoff! 

Hi, everyone, I’m Kim! I may not be a “nomad” in the strictest sense, but I am a firm believer in economic self-sufficiency and getting off of the “hamster wheel” (as I call it) of debt and corporate feudalism. 

Just this past winter, I was talking to my friend about buying a school bus and fixing it up, but was discouraged as to the renovations that would need to be completed, not to mention the cost…  (and surviving the winter!)

Geoff and I are still having the discussion of whether to spend the winter in my basement walk-out apartment or Wanda (lovely as she is, she gets quite chilly when it’s -20, apparently…)

I happen to be a massage therapist, and I work out of two clinics in Calgary (www.spiritofphysiotherapy.com in the SW, Bridalwood area, and www.sagemeadowsmedical.ca in the NW Sage Hills area).

I am mother to a 27 year old trans daughter, who I raised as a single mother (so, boy, do I know about saving money and bargain hunting!)

Together, Geoff and I are learning how we work together, and exploring how we can both save on expenses, and in so doing, earn back our freedom!

I have been the “artistic mastermind” behind the latest sketches of the town we are imagining and working towards. 

You can look forward to hearing more about the “friend” who is helping with stew making (next batch is going to be chili) and other assorted projects. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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